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Candy Cane

Pony Power is home to 20 seasoned therapy horses and ponies. All of our horses and ponies have been donated or rescued, and each has been screened to ensure a quality of movement and temperament, essentials for safely learning riding skills and more. While all of our horses and ponies have had previous “careers,” each exhibits an understanding of the significance of the new responsibility with which they have been entrusted.


Angel is the newest and smallest member of the Pony Power herd! She was donated by a local family and has certainly lived up to her name. Although she is barely waist high, she is packed with personality and loves to trot in and out of her stall every day! Her size and sweet nature have made her ideal for grooming and for some of our participants to practice haltering and lead walking. She has quickly become a fan favorite with our instructors and participants! 

Big Rascal

Big Rascal is a large, breathtaking, registered Buckskin Quarter Horse. He came to us with a trail riding background, making his calm disposition a great fit for horse-assisted activities. Big Rascal has been a big hit within our veterans and therapeutic riding programs. As one who suffers from allergies all summer long, Big Rascal loves nothing more than to be groomed daily to help satisfy his itch.


Butterscotch, or Butter is an aged (senior citizen) Welsh Pony and came to Pony Power from Sheer Chance Stables in Honey Brook, PA. Soon after meeting her, our instructors knew she’d make a wonderful addition to our team. Not only does Butter’s short and narrow build easily accommodate some of our smallest riders, but her calm and gentle demeanor make her a perfect therapeutic riding pony. Plus, Butter loves to “talk” to everyone on the farm and often greets riders and their families with a friendly whinny.  Butter has a best friend in Luna and you hear the whinnies when they are separated.


CC is one of our longest serving ponies and is a very special member of our herd. He was purchased by a local family and donated to Pony Power for the sole purpose of being a therapy horse. Originally born in Missouri and used as a ranch horse, CC’s energetic gait provides unique input for our riders. CC also has the amazing talent of being able to detect seizures in our riders before they happen, allowing our team time to prepare. His behavior will be different from when the rider first mounts, indicating that there may be a seizure shortly, following by him planting his hooves and will not move a muscle until the seizure passes. CC is a staple in our program and is loved by all who have had the pleasure of working with him.


Charm is a 14-year-old, grey, Welsh Pony. He loves attention and is (very!) friendly. It's no secret; wicked good looks + impeccable manners = quick fan favorite at Pony Power. Charm is a fantastic addition to our herd; his quiet - or calm - body, as well as his high neck set and curved torso allow a smooth, comfortable ride.


Cheyanne is one of our longest serving ponies here at Pony Power. As a tricolor Paint Quarter pony, her coloring and markings are a great teaching example for students learning how to identify different horse colors. Cheyanne is a sweet, hard-working, and reliable pony whose rotational, quick gait provides a high input ride for our clients. Cheyanne’s endearing antics have earned her the nickname “Shenanigans” and she is adored by her riders and participants in our groundwork PALS program


This sweet Strawberry Roan Welsh Pony is well known for her quiet temperment, which makes her ideal for not only therapuetic riding, but our ground program, PALS. She's always very playful. In fact, if you give her your zipper, she will zip and unzip your jacket! Dixie was lovingly donated by a local family. 


Evie is an incredible addition to the Pony Power team of horses. She came to the farm in December of 2012. Evie was not for sale, but her previous owners (Blue Heron Farm) were so moved by the work that Vinny, another member of our equine team, was doing, and they decided she’d fit into our program beautifully. Evie has exceeded our expectations. She is a wonderful therapy horse with a sweet and loving personality, and are so grateful to have her as part of our team.


A former show pony and fan favorite, JD is a chestnut, Welsh Pony. His calm demeanor and narrow build make him a great fit for many riders. Plus, his downhill frame encourages riders to concentrate on stretching to sit up all, which helps build core strength and balance. Fun fact: he's sometimes referred to as The Butler, because he's a true gentleman.


Larry (formerly known as Matt) is a Standardbred that had a lot of success in his first career of harness racing. Larry raced as a pacer and now uses his unique, lateral gait to bring a new type of input to his riders. His height allows us to accommodate taller riders with ease. He is gentle and kind and loves being around people. His favorite activities include eating peppermints and rolling in the mud.

Little Bit

Little Bit is one of our most treasured ponies and one of the first ponies in our Pony Power herd. His resume includes small pony hunter champion of New Jersey, reigning red light/green light champion, and the “Mayor” of the farm. Little Bit is a special member of our school group programming as his height is perfect for some of our smaller participants to groom and interact with, as well as those in wheelchairs. He has been known to rest his head in the laps of our participants in wheelchairs as they pet his forehead. Although he is the oldest member of the herd, he still prances and trots to and from his stall every day and loves his time outside in his paddock! 


Luna, a Welsh pony, joined our team of horses and ponies from Castleton, VT. Luna is packed with personality! She is an “in your pocket” pony and loves attention from everyone she meets. Her movement is gentle and rhythmic, giving a smooth ride to our smallest riders. She loves to spend time with her best friend, Butter.


Merle is owned by Pony Power Instructor Julia Klopacz, but she has generously leased him to us for use in therapy lessons. We are lucky to have him! Merle is a Skewbald Paint horse. Despite his beautiful and vibrant markings, Merle is a low key and relaxed guy. He has a very steady trot and calm demeanor. It seems as though Merle’s been doing this job forever. An interesting fact about Merle - he used to be a pony horse at the racetrack, meaning he was a companion for the racehorses out on the track. In other words, he's a great friend!


Pompi came to us as a retired Grand Prix Dressage horse. Dressage horses are known for their fluid and balanced movement, which makes Pompi an ideal addition to our hard-working equine team. He is not only a beautiful mover but is very handsome. He is also sweet and loving to boot! Clients love grooming him, which makes him great for ground-work. He has a very calming effect on those who work with him.


Princess is a beautiful Palomino pony, and she knows it. Her show name could not be more appropriate – “if the crown fits.” She is a diva in every sense of the word. She used to be a show pony, but she now teaches her riders to be independent. Her clients love and trust her, as she is steady, reliable, and knows her job.


Promise was donated to our program by a Connecticut trainer. She had a long history of struggles, including evidence of being physically abused by a former owner. Despite her difficult past, Promise is one of the most understanding and engaging horses on the farm. Promise is an asset to our PALS program and specializes in teaching leadwalking, boundaries, and respect.


Rascal is one of our greatest teachers. With a smooth stride and a calm nature, he serves as a wonderful “bridge” pony for some of our more advanced riders who are working toward riding independently, allowing them to quickly progress in their riding ability. He has become an invaluable part of our PALS program as his patience and gentle demeanor make him the perfect partner for lead walking, particularly for our participants in wheelchairs. Rascal is an old soul who many of our instructors say can “practically teach the lesson himself!”

Red Hot

Red Hot is a Pony of the Americas, donated by a family in Connecticut. He was a lead line champion and has reached a new potential here at Pony Power. Red Hot’s forward gait provides his riders with a fun, high input ride that brings a smile to many faces! He has been a wonderful addition to our program with a natural kindness, gentle demeanor, and playful personality.


Vinny is a Norwegian Fjord that came to us from a farm in Massachusetts. We were able to acquire him because of a generous donation from David and Susan Viniar made in celebration of Leo Viniar’s 90th birthday. Vinny has an enthusiastic and curious personality, making him a great fit for our PALS groups and individuals. His strong build and relaxed movement make him a great choice for a variety of riders.


Westie is a beautiful Paint pony who is playful and affectionate. Due to his calm and patient personality, his transition from show pony to therapeutic pony has been a smooth one. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our equine team.

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