City kids have a unique farm experience.

Candy Cane

Thank you Allie S. for all the great photos and recap of the week!

This week at Pony Power, the kids from Oasis, an organization founded to help women and children in Paterson, New Jersey, came for summer camp. Throughout the week, they played with goats and pigs, taste-tested fresh vegetables and herbs from the gardens, designed their own piece of a fence, threw seed bombs around the horse paddock to help plants grow, and took their own pictures of the horses and gardens to remember their time at Pony Power forever.

The kids also learned new things, like how to ride a horse, how to be a lead walker for a horse, and how many teeth a horse has and how to properly clean them. On the last day, they interviewed with their partner volunteer from Goldman Sachs and talked about their week. As the photographer for the week, I saw all of these activities happening. These kids were so smart, they could easily describe what an ecosystem was, and knew how to care for their horses by the end of the week.

The smiles on their faces when they arrived never faded throughout the day, and they always listened intently when learning new things. I felt such joy when photographing them because their happiness radiated off of them. They were always enthusiastic and loved to learn new things and do new activities. I knew that by the last day, they held their memories at Pony Power in a special place in their hearts.

This blog was written by volunteer Allie S.


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