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Testimonials and Stories from Riders’ Parents, Partner Agencies, Veteran Participants and More

Therapeutic Riding

"Pony Power has given us an opportunity to watch our child grow in a way that few activities would allow given her disability. It has given her strength, confidence and – most of all – pride in doing something well!"

Pony Power Parent

"Susan, an adult rider with Multiple Sclerosis, came to Pony Power beginning in spring 2014. Her doctor recently observed a great – and unexpected – improvement in her hip flexor muscle, which has allowed her to lift her leg in correct alignment when walking on her own without devices. “I am so excited about this. I have no doubt that my lessons at Pony Power should get credit."

Susan - Adult Rider

"Power Pony has literally changed my life one half-hour lesson at a time. This activity improves my trunk control, visual feedback and balance, all weak due to a neurosurgery performed in 2006. Before Pony Power, I needed a spotter to catch me in case I fell with the walker. Now, though, not only is ambulating worlds easier, I am able to walk unsupervised!"


Schools and Community Groups

"The kids transform when they are at Pony Power. You can’t beat the sensory input, from sitting on the horse to the sunlight on their faces. All the children leave Pony Power feeling calmer and more relaxed, which carries over to the classroom."

School nurse, The Children’s Therapy Center

"The curative nature of caring for the horses and learning to ride was truly inspirational and has made significant positive impact on the children of Shelter Our Sisters at a very difficult time in their lives. We are truly grateful to Pony Power for enabling them to have extraordinary childhood experiences."

Director of Children’s Program, Center for Hope and Safety

Veteran Programming

"President Reagan once said ‘Some spend their entire lives wondering if they have made a difference in this world. The Marines don't have that problem.’ I would like to add that the staff and volunteers at Pony Powers Therapies don’t have that problem either. They have not only touched and made a difference in our family’s lives, but countless others."

Tom Harrington, 18-year Military Veteran

Unique Sibling Experience

"My eldest, Jonah, is disabled and uses a wheelchair. We started the riding program for him, and he loved it. As my other two grew older, they wanted to be a part of it as well. Having the opportunity to do something together WITH their disabled sibling is invaluable, especially since there are very few activities that they can all do together."


"What can I say, it takes my breath away to see my girls ride together; watching Courtney wave at Amanda as she passes her makes me melt. At one time, all three of my girls were in the ring together – something I’ll always remember. So, what can I say? At Pony Power, we have found happiness, love, strength, self confidence and friends."


Volunteering at Pony Power

"I just wanted to thank the Pony Power staff for the wonderful opportunity to volunteer. I was so blessed by the children, their smiles and ‘can do’ spirit. The staff was wonderful in reminding me of the guidelines that we saw in the video and read in the handbook. And, the dedication and passion you all have to provide a wonderful ‘building’ experience for the children is very evident."


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